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Secretary in a Foreign Capital Company

(The Overseas Investment company is looking for a secretary for the office manager. The called the Chinese Business School and asked them to recommend one of their recent graduates. The school sent Miss Wang’s personal history to them and arranged for an interview. Now Miss Wang is being interview by Mr. Davis, the office manager.)

(D: Mr. Davis, W: Miss Wang)

D: What kind of a job are you interested in?

W:I want a job in which I can use English. I would also like to be have some responsibility in my work.

D:I can appreciate that. I would expect my secretary to be able to work independently and take over some of my ordinary responsibilities such as answering routine correspondence, taking phone calls for me, and sometimes assisting me with personal business affairs.

W: Yes, I see. In my previous job, I did typing and filing every day.

D: Have you had any experience ad a guide?

W: Well, not exactly. But I have shown some of my foreign friend around Beijing.

D: Once in a while we have visitors from abroad and I would like to be able to ask my secretary to take them shopping and sightseeing.

W: I think I would like that.

D: I see. We work a five-day week and there is rarely any overtime. The salary would be ¥1600 to start and raise would be given according to your ability.

D: Well, how do you feel about the job, Miss Wang?

W: I think it sounds like that what I am looking for.

D: Thank you. You should be hearing from us within a few days.

W: Thank you, Mr. Davis.


(D:戴維斯先生, W:王小姐)














面試英語(二) 熱

Trading Company

(The Central Trading Company put an ad in the newspaper as follows:

We need English speaking men with 5 or more years of sales experience under the age of 35. Marketing knowledge helpful. Send resume ( English and Chinese)

Mr. Yang who has been working for Da Xin Trading Company, applied for that work.. An interview was arranged between Mr. Yang and Mr. Miles, the sales manager)

(M: Mr. Mile, Y: Mr. Yang)

M: please make yourself at home, smoke if you like.

Y: Thank you.

M: To start with, may I ask why you are interested in working at our company?

Y: First, you have an impressive growth record, even since Mr. peter Mitchell founded the company 35 years ago. Second, marketing is obviously very important for you and I will have a great deal to learn from and contribute to your company.

M: Very well. You are now with Da Xin Company, What is your chief responsibility there?

Y: I am in charge of organizing trade conferences for distributors held in different parts of the nation almost every mouth.

M: You may ask questions about us, if you have any.

Y: Sure, What would my job entail?

M: You would report to me with regard to all marketing activities for a new line of our products we will be launching here in the fall. During the initial period, it will involve a lot of work and you may be called in on weekend too. What salary would you expect to get?

Y: Well, I would expect the standard rate of pay at your company for a person with my experience and educational background. Incidentally, I made one million not including a bonus last year.

M: OK, you will be hearing from us within ten days.

Y: Thank you.



















◆My salary requirement is in the $100,000-$120,000range with appropriate benefits.I would be willingto relocate for the right opportunity.

◆Thesalary required is 12,000 per month,living in the house.

◆Iam quite willing to start with a small salary.

◆Iam willing to serve on trial for some months at a smallsalary.

◆I got five thousand and five hundred per month.


◆ I am presently looking for a position where my experience will make a positive contribution to the start-up or continuing profitable operation of a business in which I am so well experienced.

◆ I am an innovative achiever. I feel that in a growth industry like cable television, there is a need for a representative who can meet and beat the competition. I feel that I have all the necessary ingredients to contribute to the success of Any Corporation,and if necessary, I am willing to take a step backwards as long as theris potential for forward momentum. All I need is a starting point.

◆ Your advertisement in the June 16th issue of Lawyers Monthly is of great interest to me. I feel that I have the qualifications necessary to effectively handle the responsibilities of Administrative Judge.

◆ I recently took a sabbatical and finished my Bachelors Degree in June at Emerson College.I am currently seking full-time employment.

◆ After fifteen years as a District Sales Manager,I am seeking new opportunities and am forwarding my resume for your consideration.

◆ I am planning a permanent relocation to the Chicage area in late summer.I am submitting my resume fo rconsideration in areas where I can apply my experience and education in accounting towards reaching mutually benefical goals.

◆ I am desirous of apply this job in order to gain more experience in an exporters office.

◆ Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this mornings China Daily News,I wish to apply for the position referred to.

◆ Learning form Mrs Liu that you are looking for a HR manager,I should like to apply for the position.


◆ I should appreciate the privilege of an intervies.I may be reached by letter at the address given above,or by telephone at 1234651.

◆ I feel that a personal meeting would give us the opportunity to discuss your shout-and long-term objectives and my ability to direct your organization towards successfully achieving those goals.

◆ I should be glad to have a personal interview,and can furmish references if desired.