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Distinguished teachers, dear classmates:

Today, the title of my speech is, the teacher study, chasing dreams.

In a string of campus, had my mother's footsteps, she had told me a lot of let her remember one time, look a lot of the teacher's name, she often inspires me with that kind of gratitude and honor. In the five-star red flag flying high, many students like me, our mom and dad went out from one of the campus, they are proud of his Alma mater, the teacher to make model, constantly struggle, with the knowledge and confidence for us to build a happy life environment, the patron saint of our life.

Today, people coming from all directions, and glory in the campus. We are pleased that we are proud!

Sunrise view, under the wide river, JianShi one are compared to the party is to train talents. Clean spacious walkway, the four seasons constant new garden, garden lawn like a blanket, shaded by trees and group building, and a model with underwater sound to sing. Today, JianShi one and will celebrate her seventieth birthday, advancing with The Times JianShi one bearing the weight of rich history and culture background, send to the five hundred thousand people of high hopes.

In calling upon society in advance, era. The classmates, time and tide wait for no man! Of our fathers, and the teacher's cultivation, we are here to accept the baptism of youth, from here to chase the dream. Lost a teenager's stubborn, correction arose up coordinates; Full power to study hard, make life more colorful. I firmly believe that respect for the teacher, you, is our lead.

Every day, English teacher again and again repeated his patience; The math teacher rounds of interpretation of his profound; The teacher in charge teacher day after day superposition with his persistence and sweat. Our teacher, a day's homework in the morning mist combinations, and trying to impart knowledge; In the dim light of night off every classmate, selfless fearless devoted love.

Into the school gate, at the beginning of my study is not good, thanks to the teacher for more than a semester inculcation, there is obvious improvement in my grades, I am proud of the progress of his subjects, like I get this exercise opportunity today, full of confidence.

Beautiful campus, it is the green shade to caress, blossoming flowers will bloom. And are proud of the teacher to study; Study for volunteers, chasing dreams. Today, we're going to have one hundred times harder; Tomorrow, we can make the dream come true!

Thank you teacher!

Thank the classmates!













Dream is beautiful, it is the bottom of my heart the most beautiful expectations, so the dream also become our long-held beliefs.

Dream is the sun, it makes people from impetuous to solid, from the hesitation to the firm, and on the road to success.

Dream is powerful, it is the life source of forward momentum; Lofty dreams can inspire a life all potential. Because of this we will go to dream, to grasp the dream, the pursuit of dreams.

Our new president Xi Jinping came up with the dream of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation on December 29, 2012. He said: the Chinese dream is a dream of national strength prosperity and people's happiness. Our people have an ardent love for life. They wish to have better education, more stable jobs, more income, greater social security , better medical and health care, improved housing conditions and better environment, They want their children to grow well, have ideal jobs and lead a more enjoyable life. To meet their desire for a happy life is our mission."

I always ask myself what can I do for our great Chinese dream ? As we all know that the wiser the youths are ,the wiser the nation will be;the wealthier the youths are ,the wealthier the nation will be;the stronger the youths are ,the stronger the nation will be. Here the word wealthy means: enriching our knowledge reserve. As a new generation of youth , every one here shouldering the great historical mission of making china powerful and strong. You may say that this may exaggerate our role, but I want to say you are wrong. If I am a little screw our great dream may be a multifunction and complex machine. Through this example I just want to say I am very tiny but I am indispensable .

I believe that as long as all of our young people unite together and perform our own functions that study hard in school and work hard after we graduating from university . We must be able to achieve our great dream meanwhile enrich ourselves unwittingly!

My dream, our dream, to improve the Chinese dream. Let us unite together to realize Chinese nation's great rejuvenation to struggle! To you the day of my dreams to realize, is standing at the time of China.